Indiana Wesleyan University RFI site
UX Consulting \\  Font-end Web Development \\ Advertising

The request for information site is an informative site showcasing IWU's Adult education programs. This site replaces a 2 page location centric site—adding info pages for programs and degrees and financial aid, but is still very location centric. The home page features IP location aware campus photos, suggesting other locations that are near the visitor. Also featured lower on the home page is a location widget for easy campus selection.

Search engine marketing (SEM) campaign
IP location aware campus photos
Mobile responsive
Click to call button
Mobile friendly RFI form, with Google Places API integration to auto-populate address fields
Additional creadits: art direction, copy writing provided by: Alicia Rousseau, Kim Carter and Jen Smith.
And because every project needs a start, here's the home page wire frame...

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